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    Q&A about Modern Media Methods

    Where Do I Begin?

    So, I hear from so many people that they are not very "techy" and really don't know where to start. The good news is in today's Media driven society there are so many solutions to help you. It starts with what you're doing now...just asking questions about how to start. Then determining what Message you need to get out and who you want to reach. Finally, pick 1, possibly 2 cool ways to share your message. Personally, I would say start by sharing your Message on a Social Network (Facebook or even Instagram) until you get the hang of things. Then you can move forward into more.

    Should I use Social Media every day?

    You should use Social Media regularly. Just keep in mind, posting shouldn't be like checking a task off your to-do list. Posting should be a conscious action to add some sort of value to those who read it. Post when you feel it, not to keep up with the trends. Just do it regularly.

    What are your favorite Media tools right now?

    Some of my favorite tools right now are "Strikingly" obviously for website building. Fiverr for finding Media talent to produce daily graphics, etc. Instagram, which I over-love right now for lifestyle photo posts! Tumblr, I'm a forever fan, for Blogging my thoughts/insight. Also, I am starting to use the Self Journal(beginning July 1) from Best Self Company, to compile and complete daily tasks, while remaining Life reflective. Oh, and last, but certainly not least, the First Five App(Proverbs 31 Ministries)...which I use every morning to get the party started!

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