• BeyondMe Productions

    LMichelleMedia's Official

    Production Division.

    We Produce Culturally Relevant Stories of Faith & The African American Experience.

  • 2020 Life Film

    The #2020LifeFilm is a documentary film that is captured through the SnapChat Spectacles technology to give viewers a truly unique Point of View perspective. The film also includes a 2020 Life Film Journal.

  • The DayDream Impact Program

    Stories of Faith: Letters To Our Fathers

    Our latest film project explores the reality of what happens in the lives of children whose fathers are incarcerated. Stories of Faith: Letters To Our Fathers is a VR Film brought to you in part by

    The Google Daydream Impact Program.

  • The Jump Start Program

    The Rattler Film

    A Film By: LMichelleMedia & The Jump Start Program(GoogleVR)

    This film marked the start of BeyondMe Productions.

    The first of its kind production was captured using a Jump Odyssey Camera

    (Sponsored through Jump, A Google VR Equipment Loan Program),

    and required us to assemble a community team and film everything in 6-weeks.

    Experience The Florida A&M University "Marching 100"

    (Be Sure To Move Your Device Around To See The Film From Every Angle)

  • Behind The Film

    Check Out Our 360 Education Kit For More Information About The Film

  • Stories of Faith In Virtual Reality.

  • Social Life Content

    We provide cutting-edge social education series especially for Instagram/IGTV & YouTube

    This is the signature Social brand for Dr. Nicky E. Collins. Since 2009, we have helped produce signature Social content for the brand, including TV/web series, radio broadcasts and social photos/videos. The brand's Mission is to show viewers that Christian Ministry is more than just about "attending church," it's a Lifestyle. Dr. Nicky has built a Social Media following of 5K friends on Facebook, from the ground up.

    Welcome Home Series

    Ed, The Rapping Realtor, AverHomeGroup is the creator and featured personality in this one of a kind series. The series takes viewers inside the real estate business, the music industry, Life and so much more. Each episode has its own unique Life lesson.

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