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  • Learning Experiences

    We Work with Education Leaders To Develop Creative Activities Using Emerging Media.

    Making Your Life Film

    HBCU Pilot

    We worked with a select group of students from Florida A&M University and the SnapChat Spectacles Production team to pilot a one of a kind series showing the students Personal POV perspective Learning in the Pandemic. The original series, developed by L.Michelle Salvant, used key concepts from the 2020 Life Film series, to show students how to journal their lives using smartglasses. Goal: Student Self-Reflection/Personal Growth.

  • Immersive Education w/ThingLink

    360/VR Field Trips, Experiences, Presentations & More

    ThingLink is an LMichelleMedia Company Premium Partner.

    Contact us for the latest pricing, special experiences and more.

  • Immersive Education Partner:


    Leaders In Culturally Relevant XR Learning Experiences


    This Is KaiXR

    Kai XR is the most inclusive & accessible,

    educational Web XR platform where kids

    can Explore, Dream, and Create.

    On the platform kids can explore VR field

    trips plus, improve their tech skills by

    creating their very own VR adventures.

    Our educational resources offer educators,

    parents, & students an accessible path to

    become early adopters of mixed reality.

    Contact us about KaiXR Summer programs and Educational pricing for the 2021-2022 school year.

  • Virtual Reality Education w/ClassVR

    Welcome To Avanti's World...

    The World's First Ever Educational Virtual Reality

    Theme Park

    "Experience A Theme Park In Virtual Reality"

    Opening its doors in January 2021, Avanti’s World is a revolutionary way for students to explore hundreds of virtual reality experiences all linked together in one thrilling theme park. The park will contain six educational virtual reality ‘Lands’, covering all areas of the educational curriculum, from history and the arts, to STEM and humanities, with hundreds of educational scenes to explore, all in one amazing place!

    Visit the Park via a ClassVR headset.

    For pricing...Contact Us!

  • Immersive Education Partner:

    Augmented Reality Education w/ Quivervision

    Digital Aquarium Experience

    "Very Innovative Coloring Experience"

    The Quivervision Digital Aquarium brings the power of AR to children through a Visual and Educational journey from their coloring sheet to the Digital Waters.


    What makes the Digital Aquarium cool?

    • Color any of the 8 coloring sheets (We have different sheets including StarFish, Sea Shell, Jellyfish etc.)
    • Scan the coloring sheet using our app & bring the colored sheets to life in magical AR.
    • After enjoying the magical AR experience, submit your custom colored design to the Digital Aquarium, and watch your fish swim with everyone else's!

    Perfect for Classrooms, Libraries, Stem Labs, and more.

    Contact us for setup and special pricing.

  • Augmented Reality Education w/ Letters Alive

    Letters Alive Zoo Camp Edition

    "An Engaging Way To Learn Letters"

    Letters alive is an award-winning, evidence-based, supplemental reading and writing program that incorporates multiple learning modalities and a cross-curricular approach to teach letters, letter sounds, word building, sentence building, and writing. This brain-based, early literacy program includes a magical, zoo-themed supplemental curriculum aligned to ELA Standards for Kindergarten that will enhance your literacy block. The full-year of lesson plans take your students on a zoo tour with 26 3D augmented reality animals; tying science in with literacy instruction.

    For group pricing and other information,

    Please contact us.

  • Immersive Education Production Partner:

    GRX Immersive Labs

    Leaders In Producing Culturally Relevant Immersive Story Experiences

    Immersive...Interactive...Learning Experiences

    GRX Immersive Labs is an XR Content & Talent Development Studio focused on advancing diverse voices through immersive storytelling and emerging technology. A core GRX value is to foster entrepreneurial skills, so individuals become investable vs. just employable. Their latest learning experience takes students on an Immersive journey exploring emerging technologies like facial recognition, data/privacy surveillance, and A.I.

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