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    I'm A Certified Media & Content Development Coach!

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    I'm passionate about using Media, New & Emerging Media to be exact,to reach the people who need you. We currently use or have used more than 50 New & Emerging Media tools to creatively connect with our clients. Our D.I.Y. approach puts the power of the tools in your hands and with coaching/instruction, you are able to use them simply and effectively, time and time again.


    I have partnered with dozens of software developers across the world to help gain a better understanding of various Emerging Media tools. These are the very tools, I'll show you how to use and build your content with ease.

    Our goal is to make sure your Digital presence is ready when your clients come:)


    I have seen and read stories of far too many people who have obtained outward success, but been never saw that same success in their "inside" Life. Recently, I launched an Immersive Journaling series that challenges all of us to take heed to the same help we are giving others, at the same rate we are pursuing the outward success. It's The Life Film series and for the next 10 years, our special collection (2020 Life Film) aims to introduce those we meet to the concept of Immersive Journaling their lives for Personal Growth/Healing.

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