• LMM Learning Experiences

    We are Futurists...Investing In Future Generations Is A Top Priority.

    FAMU STEM DAY 2022

    We worked with a team of Young & Talented Leaders to provide Virtual and Augmented Reality Hands-On Demonstrations for Campus Attendees. LMM facilitates experiences like these on a year round basis.

    Influencer Learning Workshops

    LMM worked with FAMU College of Science & Technology To facilitate an Interactive Cooking Experience with Food Network's Chopped Champion, Chef Shacafrica Simmons.

    Smartglasses Demonstrations

    LMM worked with Tallahassee' Teenpreneurs to provide hands-on demonstrations of Smartglasses, including Snapchat Spectacles and Vuzix Blade glasses. LMM's Product Demos are available for youth year-round. t

  • Student Partners

    LMM Offers A Year Round Experienceship program for youth/young adults ages 14 -25.

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